How to Become a Morning (Workout) Person

Mornings are not my thing. No matter what I try, it seems to take me two hours to feel fully awake. I admire the morning people in my life. I wish I could have a list of accomplishments by 10:30 a.m., but that is just not how I work- yet.

morning bed

Are you a sunshine-loving morning person? Many morning people love to get up and hit the gym before I’ve rolled out of bed. Working out in the morning sets you up for a great and productive day. Don’t believe me? I found some proof:

  • exercise increases mental acuity- capture this improved mental performance during the day

  • waking up and working out at the same time helps regulate your body’s internal clock- waking up will become natural

  • morning workouts help regulate your appetite- you’ll eat less and make healthier decisions

  • fit your exercise in early to avoid getting busy later in the day and skipping your workout

It looks like morning workouts are the thing to do. So, I looked for some tips on starting a morning workout routine.

Set your alarms- we’re getting ready for a new routine!

  1. Get to bed early- Make a habit of hopping in bed earlier, and you’ll start to appreciate the extra sleep.

  2. Pack a bag- Pick out your workout clothes and what you’ll change into. Put all of your gear in a bag if you are heading to the gym. If you’re staying at home for your workout, set out your running shoes and jacket so everything is in one place.

  3. Have a small snack- Eat a small snack to fuel you through your workout, but nothing too heavy that will weigh you down. Then, have another snack after your workout.

  4. Reward yourself- The first few weeks of your new routine can be particularly challenging. Set a few short term and long term goals, and plan specific rewards when you’ve met each goal. Maybe you’ll buy a new running top when you work out consistently for two weeks.

  5. Plan your routine- To make your morning exercise simpler and less painful, make a detailed plan. You can sign up for an early morning class, plan your jogging route, or write out an exercise routine. Check out our class schedule– our 5am and 6am classes are the perfect motivation to get you out of bed and moving before the sun rises!
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